The author of the song “Sell drugs” in jail for selling drugs : Crime news : Vladim

News 11 January, 2018

Popular rap artist from USA Michael Persaud, better known under the alias Montana Millz, received a sentence of three years imprisonment for illegal trade in narcotic substances. Michael Persaud is the author of composition Drugsz Sell (Sell drugs).


In the course of the trial musician from Rhode island was charged with trafficking fentanyl and heroin, and the defendant fully admitted his guilt. Jim Martin, representing the interests of the Prosecutor’s office, said that law enforcement officials organized secret surveillance of Staff due to the fact that the lyrics of his songs by the all too often mentioned drugs. Martin noticed that the surveillance of a musician was for several months.

The lawyer of the defendant hip-hop artist during a court hearing used the text of the various compositions of the rapper to prove his worth in social terms, however, the song “Sell drugs”, he did not mention.