The baby 5 months hair so much that to lay without a Hairdryer, they are not out

News 14 December, 2017

American Rachel Carter, even when I was pregnant, I saw on your ultrasound that the baby in the hatch head first hair and despite the fact that sexual characteristics had not yet manifested. Even then the doctor said that most likely it’s a girl, because Rachel sophom began to strongly prepared for the fact that the light will be a girl.


When in the end the light will be a boy, the midwives were very surprised and even called his colleagues to look at the wonder of a child, because the child already was born with luxurious hair hair.
At this point the child (who, incidentally, called Bobby) in only five months, and his mother had each day to wash his head, put his hair Hairdryer, otherwise they bristle, and the boy becomes like a Wolverine from “X-Men”.

If I don’t dry his hair, they stand on end, and then he reminds me of Wolverine. Bobby loves his hair. Before going to sleep he keeps touching your hair with fingers. Apparently, it is acting like a sedative, because right after that he falls asleep, “said the child’s mother.