The Backstreet Boys are making him a kiss on the cheek for her birthday

News 9 July, 2017
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    Elisa Cloutier

    Sunday, 9 July 2017 14:07

    Sunday, July 9, 2017 16:09

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    A young woman from Quebec came to celebrate its 30th anniversary with family at the restaurant Legend has received a gift for the less unexpected, while Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough and Nick Cartier gave him a kiss on the cheek for her birthday.

    “It was my sister that told me, I think it is the Backstreet Boys out there,” says Camille Dupuis. And, his sister was not mistaken. The three members of the group had even asked their way to passers-by to go to the restaurant located in the district of the Old Port. “They came to dinner early, around 17: 30, just to be more quiet, they stood in a corner of the restaurant, a little away”, tells the story of the jubilee, who waited until they had finished their meal, to go to their meeting. “I was still stressed, I told them that I had grown up with their music, I had posters in my room”, she says.


    “They told me that this would be a good show!”

    The group, which will revive memories to many young women this evening on the Plains could return to Quebec, according to dr. Dupuis. “I asked them if they would come back and they told me may be”, she said. However, we will have to wait until after their series of shows in Las Vegas, which ends in February.

    “Super accessible”

    According to the young woman, the three stars were so accessible that it has even left his phone number to Kevin, who wanted to know of other good places in Quebec. “But, I had still not called!” she started laughing. “They were recommend this restaurant for the local cuisine, they did not want anything too stuffy, they were super relaxed, with caps,” she said.

    The butler who was in service on Saturday night abounds in the same direction. “They were very talkative and friendly,” says Jerome Cornellier, specifying that they have ordered the tasting menu 8 services, food and wine pairings. “They told me that they had rarely eaten like that!!!”, has launched the one who has even spent the rest of the evening playing pool in a bar nearby with them.


    The power of social networks

    It only took a few minutes after their arrival at the restaurant, before a tide of fans to tip in front of the building, in the hope of being seen. The butler, however, asked to leave, as to not disrupt the other clients. In spite of everything, the artists took the time to greet and take photos with the patient fans who had expected.