The bicycle ghost of Clement Ouimet vandalized in Montreal

News 23 March, 2018

    QMI agency

    Friday, march 23, 2018 12:38

    Friday, march 23, 2018 12:38

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    The bike ghost to the memory of the young Clement Ouimet, installed along the track Camillien-Houde, in Montreal, was vandalized between Thursday evening and Friday night.

    The vandals have bent the metal rod on which the bike had been fixed, and the two hockey sticks that were on the memorial have been ripped off. One of them is always at the foot of the bike tilted, while the other has disappeared.

    What’s more, messages of love inscribed on the parapet by the relatives of Clement Ouimet were painted dark.

    According to friends of Clement Ouimet, who complained of the gesture on the social networks, various objects that were attached to the bikes, ghost also disappeared.

    “You who have trashed the bike phantom memory of Clement Ouimet on the way Camillien-Houde and who have painted the messages of love that he was left on the rail, you should be ashamed of you”, wrote Mario Grenier on Twitter.

    “Arriving on the scene, I could immediately see the severity of the act of vandalism, for his part, writes Paul Nguyen Huu on Facebook. The criminals tried to snatch the bicycle, hockey sticks have been thrown into the ditch, the accessories such as the bell of the Red Hook were stolen and, in the end, the painting has been buttered on the ramp to cover the messages that he had left.”

    This act of vandalism was committed only a few hours after the Directorate of criminal and penal prosecutions announced that no charges would be brought against the driver, u.s., on October 4, struck mortally in the young rider 18 years of age by performing a U-turn in illegal.

    The Montreal police was said to have been informed of the vandalism and the police were dispatched to the scene to examine the scene and write a report. An investigation is underway and no arrest has been made in this case.