The BIG investigation of the event of the Formula E

News 15 December, 2017
  • Yves Poirier, VAT New

    Friday, 15 December 2017 18:10

    Friday, 15 December 2017 18:10

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    VAT News has learned that the Office of the inspector general of the City of Montreal, led by Me Denis Gallant, is currently conducting an investigation on the event of the Formula E, held in Montreal, last July.

    Me Gallant and his team are examining this folder for several weeks. The audit work began last fall even before the elections, according to our information.

    Among the items subject to the scrutiny of the Inspector general, there is a non-profit organization Montreal, it is electric.

    Recall that in November of last year, our Bureau of investigation, revealed that Sylvain Vincent, the boss of the body has given without tendering the construction contract for the event promoter evenko, while he served with the leaders of the latter within the Foundation evenko.

    Mr. Vincent had explained that evenko was already involved in the project for two years with the office of the mayor Coderre. According to him, the contract seemed to be already in the pocket for evenko.

    Always according to our sources, the oig is reviewing contracts awarded by the City in connection with the Formula E.

    Among them, there is the contract of the walls. Montreal has disbursed$ 7.5 Million in the context of Formula E for 1500 walls made of concrete new similar to those found on construction sites.

    These walls were required by the international automobile Federation.

    There is also the contract of paving. Last may, it had been done at a cost of$ 4.5 Million to the work of resurfacing of a portion of the boulevard René-Lévesque. Contract awarded to Demix construction.

    The Office of the inspector general did not want to comment.