The billionaire canadian Sherman and his wife murdered, according to detectives

News 21 January, 2018
  • Debbie Holloway, Toronto Sun


    Saturday, January 20, 2018 10:34

    Saturday, January 20, 2018 10:34

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    Montreal | The investigation of a team of private detectives finds the double homicide in mid-December of the billionaire canadian Barry Sherman, founder of the pharmaceutical company Apotex, and his wife Honey, depending on the edition Saturday, the Toronto Star.

    The couple had been found dead at the edge of the indoor swimming pool of their luxurious home in Toronto on 15 December, with no break apparent.

    According to the autopsy, the original, the death was caused by “strangulation of the neck” and the police, while speaking of the ” suspicious death “, was of the view that the murder of Mrs Sherman by her husband who then hanged himself.

    For children Sherman, this thesis of the murder followed by a suicide made no sense. They mandated the lawyer Brian Greenspan. He had then hired a team of detectives and asked for a second autopsy.

    In the course of this review conducted December 20, on the eve of the burial of the body, the medical examiner has highlighted marks on the wrists of two of the victims caused by cords or links plastic.

    The discovery of the body, the wrists were no longer shackled and links have not been found on site, explains the local daily newspaper.

    The toxicological analysis did not reveal any trace of abnormal and the death was caused by strangulation: a leather belt encircled the neck of each body, and was attached to a bar of protection to the edge of the pool.

    Sources close to investigators cited by the journal have talked about the double murder as an act of “professional” or even”a crime staged” or a “murder by contract”.

    Barry Sherman was established in 1974, Apotex, specialized in the production of generic medicines, and was always the chairman of the board of directors of a company employing more than 11,000 people in the world.

    The detectives were not given access to the couple’s home Sherman, still sealed by the police, according to the newspaper, but there is nothing to suggest to a heinous crime or as a result of a burglary.

    The images of surveillance cameras in the residential area where is located the remains of the Sherman have been handed over to the police, but does not reveal any suspicious movement around the house.

    The murder was allegedly committed between Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 December, according to detectives on the basis of the autopsy report and phone records of the victims.

    The couple Sherman was involved in many charities with their fortune estimated at $ 4.7 billion canadian dollars (3 billion euros).

    The millionaire was also a major donor to the liberal party. A few days before his death, Barry Sherman was trying to get the classification without continuation of an investigation for a fund-raiser for the successful campaign in 2015 the current Prime minister Justin Trudeau in violation of the code of lobbyists.