The Blue Jays will host the Cardinals in Montreal in march 2018

Sport 24 September, 2017

Photo: Jim Mone Associated Press
The Blue Jays will compete in a series of two preseason matchups next week for a fifth consecutive year at the olympic Stadium.

What are the Cardinals of St. Louis, which will visit the Blue Jays the next season for the series of two games preparatory training toronto will play for a fifth consecutive year at the olympic Stadium.


The information, first disclosed by the independent journalist Norman Marshall a few weeks ago, has been confirmed to The canadian Press by a person close to the case.


Unlike the past four years, the two meetings will not take place on weekends. As the major league Baseball is launching simultaneously on the season of the 30 clubs on Thursday, 29 march, the two meetings in the ground, montrealers will be played on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 march.


“I don’t think it represents a trap for us. Maybe the crowd will be different : it may be more corporate than family, had said Jacques Aubé, executive director of evenko, the promoter of these meetings, during the visit of the Pittsburgh Pirates last spring. But I don’t see why the craze will change. […] We are going to achieve good numbers even if it is Monday or Tuesday. We do shows all days of the week ; I do not fear it. I don’t see the difficulty at this level. “


Evenko has not recalled The canadian Press.


The visit of the Cards, a club of the Central section, is made possible because the team will begin its season against the New York Mets. The Blue Jays will welcome them to the New York Yankees to begin the calendar year 2018.


In the spring of 2017, the series of two matches against the Pirates attracted 95 382 spectators at the olympic Stadium. In 2016, more than 106 000 spectators who had passed through the turnstiles to see the Boston Red Sox play the win for the Jays. Of the first two editions of this series of the League of Grapefruit, more than 95 000 spectators who had made their way to the olympic Stadium.