The body of a Canadian woman found on a beach in australia

News 28 March, 2018
  • File Photo, AFP

    QMI agency

    Wednesday, 28 march 2018 14:35

    Wednesday, 28 march 2018 14:35

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    Ontario has been found dead on an island in australian in the east of the country, reported the Brisbane Times on Tuesday.

    The body of Julie Tutak, as well as that of a friend in australia have been discovered on the island Bribie on Saturday morning. The remains of the woman 38-year-old man and 39-year-old wore marks of injury.

    The police has opened an investigation, but it does not believe that they have been victims of a crime. Rather, it involves an accident that occurred approximately 24 h prior to the discovery of two bodies.

    The victims were wearing jerseys, but did not have a lifejacket. A personal watercraft, they would have used was in the vicinity.