The Botox women don’t want to have sex

Techno 29 March, 2018

2018-03-29 17:26

The Botox women don’t want to have sex
No sex.

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Botox kills women to have sex. The reason for the lack of sexual desire lies in the “side effects” of botulinum toxin, the news informs Rus.Media.

Scientists from the U.S. have found that Botox has very negative consequences that affect the quality of sex life. The fact that Botox when injected into the body affects the hormones, Stornoway a feeling of excitement and reducing the need for sex. A number of countries even uses a substance for the treatment of women with excessive sexual desire – the drug affects the spinal nerves, “disabling” the sensitivity of the clitoris.

The second fact of the negative impact of Botox on sexual activity scientists called “frozen mask” on the face that can scare away men. Because of the abundance of botulinum toxin may be paralysis of the muscles, which will adversely affect the woman’s facial expressions and emotions is what men value in representatives of the fair sex.

The immune system also should response to the introduction of Botox – protective properties of the system aktiviziruyutsya and strive to bring a foreign drug from the body. This reduces the overall protection of body from foreign infections, which can lead to disease.