The boxing Club identity open since June in Quebec city

News 23 August, 2017
  • The Journal de Québec
    On the walls of the club, we can see the faces of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Julius Evola and Dominique Venner, thinkers of the 20th century. The group bases its ideology on the writings of these authors and philosophers.

    Nicolas Lachance

    Wednesday, 23 August 2017 00:00

    Wednesday, 23 August 2017 00:00

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    The formation of extreme-right and anti-immigration Atalanta has opened a “boxing club identity” in Quebec city at the beginning of the summer, learned The Newspaper.

    The information flowed according to which the club was on the verge of seeing the light of day. However, it was already active since the month of June, according to our information.

    This is one of the co-founders of the group Atalante, Raphael Levesque, aka Raf Stomper, who announced on the page Facebook. “Our fight club private is open since a good time already “, he wrote.

    Atalanta is a small group of extreme right-wing, head of the movement ” Remigration “. Some of the members of this group claim to the openly fascist and anti-immigration.

    The training has made a few bursts from a week in Quebec city and Montreal by many posters on which it was possible to read the term ” Remigration “, a movement that advocates the deportation of refugees and immigrants to their country of origin.

    The opening of a boxing club raises questions. The experts interviewed are concerned about the hate messages that could be conveyed.

    Herman Deparice-Okomba the Centre for the prevention of radicalization estimated that this group needs to be monitored.

    “The police must do prevention,” he explained, believing that the place should be open to the public and the organization more transparent. “It is not necessary that this place becomes a nursery that trains people to hate. “


    The Journal has also obtained images from the inside of the boxing club.

    On the photo, it is possible to see Raphael Lévesque, 33 years old, in the company of a supporter of Atalanta. In addition to being one of the head leaders of Atalanta, Levesque is also the singer of the group Legitimate Violence, a musical skinhead very controversial, which has caused much ink to flow in recent years for its concerts in Europe and Quebec city, mainly because of the words of his songs associated with the extreme right and calling for violence. Raphael Levesque also has a history of trafficking cannabis and methamphetamine for acts committed in 2015.

    No supervision

    The police Department of the City of Québec is aware that the boxing club has opened its doors recently. For the moment, the SPVQ does not intervene.

    “There is no problem connected directly to the centre. Currently, there are no complaints. Then, there is no patrol increased in the area, ” said Cindy Paré, a spokesperson for the police force.

    The venue of this boxing club has not been publicized and is still kept secret by the organization.

    Raphael Lévesque and the group Atalante did not respond to interview requests from the Journal.


    • It is a organization identity politics of the extreme right, which has more than 150 members.
    • At the head of the movement “Remigration” who wants to deport migrants
    • According to the information obtained by The Newspaper, Atalanta took advantage of the presence of a small radical group against racism in Québec city, during the demonstration against The Pack, to get in the Metropolis to put up banners ” Remigration “.
    • A survey is also open to the Montreal police in this folder.
    • The presence of anti-racists in the same city could have hurt their shot at glory.