The boxing club of the identity of Quebec is French-inspired

News 28 August, 2017
  • Nicolas Lachance

    Monday, 28 August, 2017 00:01

    Monday, 28 August, 2017 00:01

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    The boxing Club identity who has seen the light of day in Quebec city this summer, is inspired by a movement of far-right radical that is raging in France for several months.

    Last week, The Journal revealed that a boxing club identity private has opened its doors in June in Quebec city. This last is called The Phalanx, and it was set on foot by Atalante, Quebec, a group of far-right nationalist who is against immigration. In Lyon, France, this is The Agogé, and it opened its doors last February.

    In the description of the page Facebook, you can read that the place is ” a gym battle for the patriots and identity in Lyon “.

    A promotional video shows one of the representatives of the group, explaining that “The Agogé was the name of the education given to the young spartan warriors in Ancient greece” and “that a significant part of this education consisted of learning the art of war to the young men of the City, “” to defend their family, their city and their people.”

    They encourage young French people to join the movement ” to defend the values that are dear to them, their city, their country and their civilization.”

    The far-right radical

    However, as in Quebec and, similar to Atalanta, the club of lyon was founded by a wider movement of extreme right which is called Generation identity. A group in full growth in France that has found refuge in many regions.

    According to the newspaper Liberation, which has been investigating this group for three months this year, the people of this movement ” are hidden behind cultural associations or outfits preppy “, then ” they are among the activists the most radical of the extreme right “.

    It would be the new bastion of the youth of the national Front, the political party of Marine Le Pen.

    As in the United States, these young people are not hiding and openly demonstrate in the streets, chanting racist slogans, while others make signs nazis. The most radical advocate white supremacy.

    Their speeches are radical and violent ; against islam, the Roma, immigration, and miscegenation. They are defined as ” the generation of the ethnic divide, the total failure of the live-together-ness imposed “, pointing out that their only legacy is their land, their blood and their identity.

    War and ” Remigration “

    They even speak of “a declaration of war” and not a ” simple manifest “. They are also the basis of the movement “Remigration” which made its appearance in Quebec and Montreal. Banners that expose this statement have been posted by members of Atalante, Quebec.

    It is an expression, which promotes the expulsion of immigrants. The movement is also present in the netherlands and in Germany.

    Atalante, Quebec has again refused to answer questions from the Newspaper. And Generation identity in France, has not been recalled by The Newspaper.