The British recognized the illegal advertising of muffins and a half-naked girl In the World : Vladim

News 8 February, 2018

The British recognized the illegal advertising tea cupcakes, using the picture of half naked girls. This writes the Mirror. This writes the overseas edition of the Mirror.


Pastry Tunnock’s advertised with a Billboard, which depicts a naked female thigh. The plot in response to the question “Where do you keep your..?”tennis player shows that store tea cupcake under the elastic band of cowards.

Service for standardization of the ads the ASA found that the poster is sexist, because it is based on objectification – the reduction of the female body to the desired object. This advertising approach is demeaning to women, according to British experts. Hosted on the same poster slogan Tunnock”s “have fun” was evaluated as ambiguous. In conjunction with the image he puts traded not only cupcakes, but also the female body. The is recognized by the irresponsible and malicious. Posters banned and removed.