The British spent a fortune on the similarity with the doll

News 21 December, 2017

Briton jade Smith spent more than 18 thousand pounds (1.5 million) for the outfits and wigs to look like a porcelain doll in the style of “Lolita.”


The style “Lolita” is a style of Japanese subculture related to the category of anime where girls wear graceful taffeta dresses knee length, with embroidered blouses fitted corsets and huge bows in their hair and on their shoes. The shoes should be high thick platform. Jade had problems at work and at school because of his extravagance. However, the positive views and admiration her way too much: the girl I love children, taking her Princess, and many people asked to be photographed with her on the street or in the store.

To work jade wears less flashy than in everyday life, but the makeup and wig have to be a puppet, even during working hours. Because of the reluctance to give in to their passions jade often gets reprimanded at work. However, she did not despair. She likes your look and feels comfortable in it. Also the British don’t hide that plans to resort to plastic surgery in order to look like a doll without all the numerous paraphernalia.