The British video game charts will take into account digital sales

News 15 December, 2017

After two years in the UK charts-video games, will be considered the sale of game products that are distributed in digital format. Information regarding sales will be provided to the compilers of the charts of video game designers.


In 2019 the charts, dedicated gaming Analytics, will contain official information regarding the successful sales of game content distributed through a network of digital distribution stores. The official data collection will be engaged, the European Federation on the issues of interactive software, as well as a well-known company B2Boost.

It should be noted, earlier the company Gfk, analytical studies dealing with the global video games market, as well as the Association of retail sellers of entertainment industry there was an agreement of exclusive type involving cooperation, which was recently terminated. Company Gfk has provided objective information concerning the statistics on retail sales of video games for the past 20 years.