The Briton was married to a 300-year old Ghost of a Haitian pirate In the World : Vladim

News 15 January, 2018

45-year-old resident of the UK tied the knot with Ghost pirate Jack from Haiti, who died three centuries ago. Information about it spread by the British media.


To become the wife of the Corsair woman had temporarily rent a boat and go into international waters. The ceremony was attended by friends and relatives of the Brits. According to the citizen, her lawful husband became the prototype of Jack Sparrow from “pirates of the Caribbean”. In international waters the lady read the pledge of allegiance and now considers himself the wife of the robber.

The Briton said he felt a spiritual closeness with the Ghost of a Buccaneer in 2014. Since that time, she has started to communicate the energy level with the spirit of the pirates. According to the woman, her current husband completely fits her. Lady is raising five children and previously consisted on the account at the psychiatrist. The Director of “the Caribbean” wants to release a sequel film without Jack Sparrow, in order to attract the attention of viewers with new characters.