The brother of the guy Raynald Desjardins missing

News 27 January, 2018
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    The police officers of the Sûreté du Québec were found during the house searches, this picture of the godfather of the mafia, Vito Rizzuto (left), who is in the company of the brother of Raynald Desjardins, Jacques. The latter has been missing for nearly three months.

    Éric Thibault

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 21:27

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 21:27

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    The Sûreté du Québec will attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Jacques Desjardins, elder brother of the caïd mobster Raynald Desjardins, who has been missing for nearly three months.

    The survey which was conducted by the police of Laval has been transferred in the last few days, has learned The Journal de Montréal. The SQ, which holds a vast expertise on organized crime, will now try to resolve the impasse.

    Ironically, it is the same SQ that was handcuffed to the wrists of Raynald Desjardins in December 2011 for masterminding the murder of the aspiring godfather Salvatore Montagna.

    In a dead-end

    In the aftermath of the murder, the guy had even offered a glass of wine to the two investigators who came to question him at his home. Desjardins has since been sentenced to 14 years in penitentiary.

    Jacques Desjardins had left his home in Laval, around 8 a.m., the morning of October 30, to get to an appointment, according to police. The 68-year old man has not given sign of life to his family, who said he was concerned for her safety when she reported his disappearance to the authorities.

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    Jacques Desjardins

    Only his car, a Volkswagen Passat white, was found the next day, abandoned in a residential street in the area of Sainte-Rose in Laval. The vehicle has been combed by police specialists in crime scene, but the result of the expertise is kept a secret.

    According to our information, the police of laval would not have scraped together clues that could lead you to believe that the sixties could have been the victim of a criminal act.

    However, this hypothesis can not be ruled out until evidence to the contrary.

    In drugs

    Jacques Desjardins had a history of trafficking and importation of drugs that would have been able to attract him enemies.

    Documents of court which The Newspaper has obtained a copy shall specify, in particular that in the spring of 2012, Jacques Desjardins was identified as “the financial support for the export of 48 kilograms of cocaine seized in Peru” and linked to a chain of traffickers, the mafia in montreal who was interested in the royal Canadian mounted police.

    He had also been sentenced to four years in prison in 1997 for conspiracy to import hashish.

    Retaliation ?

    In addition, the thesis that criminals have been able to attack him in retaliation against his brother Raynald is also on the table for investigators.

    May 19, 2010, while the godfather Vito Rizzuto was jailed in the United States for conspiracy to murder, rivals of his clan were disguised as police officers to kidnap his brother-in-law and consigliere Paolo Renda, near his luxury residence in the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

    Only his car of Lexus brand, with steaks on the bench, has been found to this day.

    Before his arrest, Raynald Desjardins employed the son of his brother James as the guard of the body.