The Bundeswehr will upgrade tanks Leopard 2

News 22 October, 2017

The Bundeswehr will upgrade the Leopard 2 tanks. The company Rheinmetall signed a contract on modernization of 104 combat vehicles Leopard 2. Information reported by German media.


The new model will be named Leopard 2A7V. The project is ready to spend 118 million euros, the first upgraded tanks are going to release by 2020. The subject of modernization of different varieties of the Leopard 2. Model Leopard 2A7 at the moment are at the disposal of the Bundeswehr – West German army in the quantity of 20 units. 68 2A4 tanks will bring to improve from Sweden and 16 military vehicles 2A6 will redeem the armed forces of the Netherlands.

According to preliminary information, Rheinmetall will add to the existing models of tanks, climate controls, extra genset, intercom system, high-quality equipment guidance on moving enemy targets, and a programmable shots. The company tries not to disclose information concerning the new project, so the data about Leopard 2A7V limited.