The camera on Board the ISS took a whole cluster of UFOs

Techno 20 March, 2018

2018-03-20 07:52

The camera on Board the ISS took a whole cluster of UFOs
The origin of the objects is still unknown.

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Channel YuoTube user under the name MrMBB333 posted a video shot by camera of the ISS on March 17 of this year. It is clearly seen a space object or group of objects floating in orbit of the planet, according to Rus.Media .

Here is what hunter UFO publishing this video:

“In my opinion, it’s the alien ships, especially since, as soon as the ISS was closer to these UFOs, they disappeared. Unfortunately, the video turned out low quality, that’s probably why NASA did not even bother to interrupt, saying that still nothing is clear.”

Despite this, the video still drew the interest of those who are interested in UFOlogy. However, not all users agreed with the author that this is definitely the alien ships, some believed into the camera lens, the ISS came cloud, for example, lightning.

However, this theory was immediately criticized, because, according to “experts”, there are no clouds so high I couldn’t get up.