The Canadian Aaron Brown was disqualified from the 200 m

Sport 8 August, 2017

Photo: Alastair Grant Associated Press
The athlete Aaron Brown (right)

The canadian team at the world Championships of athletics has experienced a new setback.


Toronto’s Aaron Brown was believed to have first won his wave of qualifications in the 200-metres, on Monday, before being disqualified moments later to have encroached on an adjacent hallway : he touched the line of his left foot.


While Athletics Canada has filed an appeal, it was rejected and the decision upheld.


The sprinter 25 years of age had just finished his best time of the season, 20,08 seconds, which would have been the second time among the fastest of the evening. He was also all smiles when he presented himself in the mixed zone.


He was happy to have been able to recover from a virus that has bothered the athletes of several teams at the same hotel located in the heart of London.


“I spent the day in my room, in the dark, like a vampire, he said. It hit me in the middle of the night, I could not sleep, I had an upset stomach. It was like in the movie Alien, when the creature enters your body and it stirs everything. It was the same thing. I held the stomach for the whole night. “


The physician-in-chief of the canadian team, Paddy McCluskey, has stated that seven representatives of the country had been sick.


“Many cases of gastro-enteritis have been reported by the members of the teams who are staying in one of the official hotels of the event, said the local organizing committee (loc) by way of a press release on Monday evening. Those who have been affected have been supported by their team and the medical staff of the COL. “


A few moments later, he learned of the decision. The sprinters are disqualified if they touch the inner line of their lane in the turn.


The disqualification of Brown adds to the losses of Andre De Grasse and Derek Drouin, injured, in addition to the abandonment of Eric Gillis after the 30 km during the marathon, just three days after he felt a malaise similar to the Norwalk virus.


Brown had been disqualified from the 100 m last month, in Ottawa, for a false start.


Of Grasse and him are the only two sprinters in canadian history to have achieved a time below 10 seconds in 100 m and 20 seconds in the 200 mr.


Brown said he was inspired by his compatriot, who represented a hope of a medal in the 100 and 200 m in London before injuring the hamstring in training a week ago.


“”Why not me ?” This is my slogan for this World, “Why not me ?” “repeated Brown. I know that I have the talent and ability. “


It just needed a little more luck.


Wise Watson has been more successful than Brown on Monday evening, after having reached the semi-finals of the 400 m hurdles for women. Watson has finished second in his wave 55,06 seconds, the fifth time of the evening.


A few small changes, she said, and she will be ” ready to do something special “.


For her, it would be to reach the final and to beat the canadian record of 54,39 seconds, achieved by Rosey Edeh (now a celebrity canadian television) in the Atlanta Games in 1996.


The best time of Watson is 54,52 seconds, and it has been achieved at the Championships in the american universities (NCAA) in June.


Four representatives of the maple leaf will be in action Tuesday night, including Shawn Barber, the champion of the pole vault. Brandon McBride will compete at 800 m, Matt Hughes in the 3000m steeplechase, and Liz Gleadle in the javelin throw.