The cannabis at the center of discussions of Finance ministers meeting in Ottawa

News 10 December, 2017
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    Sunday, December 10, 2017 12:45

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    OTTAWA | The modalities of sharing of the revenues from the legalization of cannabis should be at the heart of discussions between the ministers of Finance from across the country gathered Sunday and Monday at Ottawa.

    To date, several provinces have suggested that they want to obtain a sharing of revenues between the federal government and the provincial governments.

    The prime minister Justin Trudeau had stated, at the beginning of the month of October, that Ottawa should impose an excise tax of $ 1 on a gram of cannabis sold for less than $ 10 and 10 % if it is sold more than $ 10. The revenue generated by this tax would then be shared 50-50 between the federal government and the provinces.

    This opening had been welcomed by the prime minister Philippe Couillard, who had pointed out that “a lot, a lot of work and weight will fall on the shoulders of the provinces” after the adoption of the legalization.

    In recent days, the Union of Quebec municipalities and the Federation of canadian municipalities were asked in the debate by claiming a share of the revenues equally between the federal government, the provinces and cities. The two organizations have argued that the cities will have to absorb a good portion of the costs associated with the legalization of recreational drugs, including safety.