The “case” of Omar Khadr divides the country

News 10 July, 2017
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    Omar Khadr

    Josée Legault

    Monday, 10 July 2017 11:51

    Monday, 10 July 2017 12:00

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    From one end to the other of Canada, the issue polarizes public opinion and the political class. As much in English Canada than in Quebec.

    For some, the apology and the compensation of 10.5 million offered by the Trudeau government to the ex-child soldier Omar Khadr, imprisoned and tortured for years at the american prison in Guantanamo Bay, would only reward shamefully an “ex-terrorist”.

    For the others, which I am, this is a fair settlement, and based on the responsibilities proved to be of Canada in the lengthy detention and torture subsequent to a man who, in fact, was above all a child-soldier.

    As we remind you here : “It is undeniable that, during the detention of Mr. Khadr at Guantanamo Bay, the government of Canada has failed to fulfil obligations it had towards its citizens under the Charter of rights and freedoms, such as the signed two judgments of the supreme Court, argued the minister of public Safety, by pointing the finger at the conservative government led by Stephen Harper.

    “The rights of a canadian citizen have been violated and, when this occurs, there are serious consequences. Jody Wilson-Raybould, the minister of Justice.”

    However, if it is true that the story of Omar Khadr is complex, before you vilify the decision of the Trudeau government, it is important at least to know more than the broad lines reported here and there in the fast.

    On Monday evening, at 19: 00, RDI will broadcast a long interview of Omar Khadr, conducted by the journalist Anne-Marie Dussault. Surely the opportunity to go a little more in depth on the “case” of Khadr.

    Those interested in the subject will also find lots of information in this interview enlightening fifteen minutes given in October 2015 by the lawyer of Omar Khadr, Me Dennis Edney, the show everyone is talking about.

    For or against the compensation offered in the case of Omar Khadr, it is definitely worth the watch until the end… His conclusion is amazing…