The case of the ill forgotten in the morgue, will be analyzed

News 9 March, 2018
  • Photo Hugo Duchaine
    Archbishop Gilles Tremblay


    Hugo Duchaine

    Friday, 9 march 2018, 00:00

    Friday, 9 march 2018, 00:00

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    The Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital announced yesterday that it will make an analysis of the situation of a patient who has had to call 911 to get the bed in order to establish the corrective action, if applicable.

    Yesterday, The Newspaper reported the horrible hospital stay of Gilles Tremblay, during which he denounced having been left on a gurney in the basement, without a care.

    “In any case, the Hospital will place a patient in the basement. It can happen that patients waiting for a bed to be directed to the hospital Unit transient. This unit, however, is not located in the basement or near the morgue, ” has refuted yesterday in a press release.

    “The patients of this unit are subject to a monitoring […] All patients have access to a bell to call in order to obtain the care they need or questioning the staff “, has also written the Hospital.

    No comments

    Yet, when The Newspaper contacted the school Wednesday, with specific details as related by the patient, its leaders have indicated that they would issue no comment.

    Gilles Tremblay was also told that it is only when he called 911 that the Hospital found him a bed, after 36 hours on a stretcher, while he was hospitalized for pneumonia and a heart attack.

    He also reported that a staff member had stated that if he had to wait for a bed, it is because the previous patient had died, and that the bed needed to be cleaned.

    Yesterday, Bishop Tremblay reiterated that his stretcher was moved under the cafeteria, located on the ground floor, what the Hospital considers it impossible.