The ceiling of a new building collapses in Saguenay

News 10 December, 2017
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    An evening bringing together over a hundred elderly people, ended in disaster on Saturday night, in Saguenay, after the collapse of the ceiling of the building in which they were situated.

    Some 120 people were gathered together in the new building of the parc Saint-Laurent, in the borough of Jonquière in the framework of an evening to celebrate the Holiday season and organized by the FADOQ.

    Shortly after the dinner, the suspended ceiling collapsed creating a certain commotion in the room. All persons on site have been evacuated and only two people two people were injured slightly.

    The fire-fighters and police of Saguenay are quickly made on the premises. “When there’s a fire alarm in a building where there are elderly, there is still an added importance,” said the lieutenant Sabrina Savard of the police de Saguenay.

    The municipal councillor of the area Kénogami, Michel Thiffault, visited the site. “When I arrived, we had managed to bring everyone back home, he explained, on the waves of LCN. People, when they came out, they had left their coat. We brought in buses to bring people back to their home.”

    Mr. Thiffault confirms that all ended well despite everything and that there was “more fear than harm, the people have been cared for quickly on-the-spot”.

    He also questioned the fact that the ceiling of the new building collapsed. “A building is completely new. How is it that the attic had given? This is not snow that you see on the pictures,” he added, saying that an investigation should be conducted.

    The parc Saint-Laurent was one of the projects that mayor Jean Tremblay was keen to deliver by the end of its mandate.

    The contract of nearly$ 1.5 Million for the construction of the park is located at the bottom of the side of the rue Saint-Dominique in Jonquière, had been granted on 13 April by the executive committee of the City to the company Claveau and son.