The CEO of the company Ascendance Biomedical , took off his pants, injected himself with a strange infection In the World : Vladim

News 6 February, 2018

Gendir one of the companies when the men took off his pants and injects himself a homemade vaccine. The incident occurred in Austin.


CEO of Biomedical Ascendance Aaron Traywick introduced injection with subordinates. This drug has never been tested on humans. Trivic admits that it was used only on experimental mice. He made the decision to become the first man to publicly have tried the medicine on his body. The authors of the vaccine say that the concentration of substances in it is strange, that led all those present at the conference in shock. Gendir responded negatively to the questions of the people if it passed the drug test by the Commission on ethics.

The company received an extraordinary reputation among the medical professionals. The firm maintains nontraditional views on medicine, for example, the same drug tested by Travicom created defined “experts” who have no medical education.

Earlier, the biohacking Joshua Sayner gave myself an injection for the muscles growth. He believes people can use genetic engineering, but all actions should be based on scientific information.