The chairman of the executive committee does not go unnoticed

News 20 December, 2017
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    The chairman of the executive committee of the City of Montreal appeared Friday morning, in a suit to say the least… original.

    Benoit Dorais was dressed in a full Christmas red color with white patterns, which made him smile more.

    “I’m probably as red as my suit, but it is going well like this”, he started, laughing, before officially start the last session before the break for Christmas.

    Simple desire not to pass unnoticed? Mr. Dorais has instead explained that he was dressed as well for the good cause.

    “As you can see, I’m in a suit, my faith, quite unusual, more colorful. I decided to take on a challenge that I was given, so put a full Christmas to preside over the executive committee. I decided to do it because you harvest donations for Welcome hall Mission, an organization to us, but which has a range of regional, metropolitan, addressing homelessness, then it has been advertising since yesterday,” he detailed, on Friday morning.

    According to his words, the initiative has had positive effects. “The donations, apparently, arrive in the coffers of Welcome hall Mission,” said Mr. Dorais.

    The Welcome hall Mission, founded in 1892, offers support and care to Montrealers in need, including offering an emergency shelter, a program of addiction treatment, mentoring, children’s services and a food bank.