The child of knives suspended

News 8 December, 2017
  • Vincent Larin

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 23:02

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 23:02

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    The child of the third year of primary school who was presented with two knives at the school, including a thirty centimeters, does not put your feet in the establishment of Laval until the end of the school year at least.

    Representatives of the Commission scolaire de Laval (CSL) have announced to parents at a meeting held Wednesday evening at the école Père-Vimont.

    The Newspaper had reported that the student who was described as a bully had brought two knives to school, which had alarmed many parents. The father of a student who was attending the same class as the young, Hossein Shekari, had found one in his box.

    “They told us that he [the boy] was going to be followed at home. I find it very reassuring, as much for him as for other students, ” commented Mr. Shekari.

    The director apologizes

    “We are working to give him all the support and services they need to ensure their development and their schooling “, said the communications director of the CSL, Jean-Pierre Archambault.

    Mr. Archambault has, however, refused to give details on the state of the young person in question, claiming that he was a minor whose identity is protected.

    The interim director of the school at the time of the facts, Isabelle Laure-Morin, has also apologized to the parents at the meeting Wednesday. Many blamed her for not having communicated quickly enough to the incident involving knives.

    The CSL has since appointed another director after the events reported in the past week.