The Chinese woman had brain surgery due to a fascination with games on a smartphone : In the World : Vladim

News 16 March, 2018

A resident of China too carried away with gaming on a smartphone while travelling by train. As a result, women have clots on the brain and she urgently underwent surgery. Information about the incident spreads Daily Mail.


47-year-old Chinese woman was urgently hospitalized. After surgery to remove blood clots in the mental body, the surgeon explained the reason for the formation of blood clots. According to the doctor, they appeared due to the fact that the passenger was lying on one side in the train, Peredovik vessels on the right side of the neck. Not always experience teaches people avoid the mistakes of the past. The patient after performing brain surgery regained consciousness and when he awoke lapsed.

The woman was in the room and continued to play with his smartphone. The doctor explained the lady possible consequences of this passion, but she paid no attention to the words of the medic. In the world every day there are thousands of accidents due to the fact that people on the street looking at screens gadgets and not on the road. March 14 this year, the Chinese died, as played in “shooter” on the smartphone during the tour.