The consultation on the cannabis stops in Rimouski

News 23 August, 2017
  • Simon Gamache-Fortin

    Tuesday, 22 August 2017 22:26

    Tuesday, 22 August 2017 22:30

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    RIMOUSKI | Quebec government has launched its series of public consultations on the supervision of marijuana in Rimouski, on Tuesday.

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    The consultation tour will stop in six other cities across the province by September 12. The objective is to give voice to the citizens in order “to hear their opinions on decisions to be taken and to identify the measures to be put in place for the protection of their health” in view of the legalization of cannabis, which is scheduled for July 1, 2018.

    More than thirty citizens were relocated to the Hotel in The Browser, on Tuesday evening. The minimum age for the sale, access to minors, point of sale, and prevention were at the heart of discussions of the participants.

    The minister responsible for the public Health, Lucie Charlebois, said it was satisfied with the participation of citizens and different points of view heard. She does not want to move forward on the possible consensus that would have been able to emerge from the exchanges of the evening so as not to stain the next consultations.

    “There are people who are going to gather information that will allow us to build a good project of framework law that will take into account the concerns of the whole population. We will begin by listening before,” said Ms. Charlebois.

    In the afternoon, on Tuesday, the consultation was restricted to organizations and groups associated with the folder. Seven of their representatives were able to express their concerns and make some suggestions. The issues of the age and of the supervision of the sale are income-often in the discussions, as well as the agents that are possible for the distribution.

    Citizens can also share their views on the possible legalization of marijuana in filling out the questionnaire on the web available at Since its online release on Monday morning, nearly 4000 people have already completed this online survey.

    The next consultation will be held on Thursday in Quebec city.