The contaminated water flowed on the shrimp

News 26 January, 2018
  • Vincent Larin

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 20:49

    Friday, 26 January, 2018 20:49

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    Mussels, shrimp and chicken prepared in the kitchens of a chinese buffet in Repentigny and left in the open air was splashed by the dirty water of a refrigeration system.

    The restaurant Maison Lim has been sentenced to two fines totalling $ 4,000 over last October because of the unsanitary conditions in general of its kitchens noticed a few months earlier.

    During a visit in April, inspectors from the ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) had noted several situations of concern in connection with the storage of food, among others.

    Seafood and chopped vegetables were left in plates, stainless steel located under a refrigeration system in ice cover, which dripped from them, as noted by the inspectors.

    A worrying situation, according to them, since ” the water and ice from the refrigeration unit […] is a source of pathogenic microorganisms “.

    Bad luck

    The general state of the kitchens also left something to be desired with accumulations of residues, black on surfaces that come into direct contact with food or hands of employees.

    Pipes, valves, “stained with a thick layer of residue sticky” were also immersed in buckets of pasta to be cooked, they noticed the agents of the MAPAQ.

    The son of the owner, Kin You, said to the Newspaper that the kitchen had been renovated extensively since the passage of the inspectors. The refrigeration unit in question was defective and failure at this time, said Mr. You.

    “It’s like with a car, you never know when it may crash, and sometimes it really comes at the wrong time,” he given in the example.

    It is necessary to wait several months after an offence for a judge to hear the case and make its award. The details of these judgments have been obtained as the result of a request for access to information.


    Excerpts from the report

    “In the section of the woks, there are […] a great accumulation of residues blackish on the taps” – a Reviewer

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