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News 27 January, 2018
  • Richard Martineau

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 05:00

    Saturday, 27-jan-2018 05:00

    Look at this article

    As well, doctors bag 105 $ when they arrive on time.

    And to $ 66 when they put on a jacket, a mask and gloves to go see a patient in isolation.

    Are you going to pay them each time that they wash their hands after going to the toilet ?

    Join the two ends

    I’ll try that with my boss to LCN.

    Hundred dollars when I arrived on time for my chronic daily. Fifty dollars when I’m wearing a jacket. And 20 $ when I have the kind helpfulness I brush my teeth so as not to bother Julie Marcoux.

    I don’t know why, but something tells me that it will not pass…

    My boss is going to say that it’s all part of my work.

    Damned cheap.

    And me that changes bobettes and all the days without her nothing load…

    Next time, I will wash my hair, would like. We’ll see what we will see.

    That said, it is necessary to put the premium covers in context.

    The doctors are paid an average of 447 000 $ per year.

    Why wouldn’t they be entitled to some bonuses, then ?

    After all, it is necessary to live well. And they have been studied for a long time, do not forget it. Not “human sciences” not math ” as me.

    The butter on the toast

    What do you want, it is like that when one is sitting on the highest rungs of the ladder. It has the right to all kinds of sleight-of-hand.

    Your salary + benefits + bonuses + allowances + a tank + a fee of condos + shares + the law of you incorporate + a spending account +…

    “Yes, but the premium cover and premium attendance have been negotiated “, to meet the minister Barrette.

    Yeah, and then ? Because it is negotiated, it is acceptable ? And attendants, do they receive bonuses each time they torchent a patient who has gastro ?

    I would like it to know what percentage of the budget of the ministry of Health goes directly into the care of the sick, and what percentage goes into the machine and the bureaucracy, in the form of bonuses or salaries…

    I’m sure it would fall on the ass.

    And after that, we are told that there is a lack of money.

    Ben would like.

    Do pay for big

    Speaking of money, after the tax hike of Sister Smile, consideration should be given to increasing the amount of tickets in Montreal.

    Hey, I have an idea…

    Why not establish a special fee for those who have a big nose ?

    People who have big nostrils inspire more air than those which have small nostrils.

    There would be not a little money to go pick up there ?

    No, it’s true : we pay a green tax to fight pollution. Gold, which benefits from the efforts what we do for a air cleaner ?

    Those who have big nose.

    It is like hot water. Car wash near me, it costs more to wash a truck or SUV that make washing a car.

    Why the big would not pay a special fee for the extra hot water that they use when they wash ?

    Let’s be creative !