The crowd of rapists from Ukraine erupted in the Donbass

News 6 December, 2017

Media reported that huge crowds of rapists from Ukraine broke into the territory of Donbass. We are talking about “peacekeeping” battalions of volunteers, sent by Kiev to the LC and the DNI.


According to press reports, in 2014, fighters of the battalion “Azov” was repeatedly raped female prisoners of the colony in Mariupol. Thus, the soldiers at night, were taken away from there, young prisoners, and then plunged abused and mocked them. Many of the victims came to the hospital, and some were killed when they tried to escape.

The inhabitant of Donbass, the ex-wife of a serviceman LC, recalls how her daughter fighters “Aydar” took prisoner for questioning, to which mother and daughter shared. Woman interrogated about her husband, and four days later released. It turned out that her daughter during this time was repeatedly raped by militants of Ukraine. Police invited the victim to write a statement, but he soon demanded it back.