The cursed mansion in Tbilisi tormented the inhabitants of the city with ghosts from the past

News 13 December, 2017

The mansion that belonged to a merchant of the XIX century, it brings fear to the entire capital of Georgia. Tbilisi residents say that the house is cursed and is full of dead souls, thirsting for revenge. Lately it is often noticed ghosts from the past.


A house in the historical center of Tbilisi became the epicenter of urban legends about ghosts that inhabit there. The mansion was built in the XIX century oupcom for the whole family. When the daughter of a man grew up and decided to get married, his father left the Georgian residence of the daughter as a wedding gift. The husband of the daughter of the merchant was goreczny and jealous during a quarrel he struck his beloved, she fell down the stairs and snapped his neck. The girl died, and on the day of her funeral was found dead and her killer.

For a century the residents of the district in which stands the mansion, plagued by ghosts of the house. After the death of the owners of the mansion so no one entered. In the late 70’s there was inhabited by workers of a factory, but they did not stay there long. Repeatedly this house people were missing. And at night you can often hear the voices neophocaena the ghosts that roam the house. In the house lives one old woman, which monitors the territory of the estate, however, and she wants to leave the damn mansion, though she had nowhere to move.
The administration of Tbilisi took the decision to demolish the historical buildings in 80 years of the last century, however, the house still stands today and is also terrifying the residents.