The dangerous kitchenware(video)

Techno 25 March, 2018

2018-03-25 16:17

The dangerous kitchenware(video)
Teflon, plastic, aluminum….

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We tell people about different products and their preparation methods, the impact on health. But the importance is not only the “what” and “how” and “why” to cook and store. Teflon, plastic, aluminum, steel — what made our dishes and what substances it adds to what we eat?

Scientists from Oregon state University conducted experiments with new steel casseroles and got an alarming result: six hours of boiling the tomato sauce, the concentration of chromium in the diet has increased seven times, and Nickel — 26. However, with each use, separation of metals all decreased and decreased, and by ten cooking began to show just traces of metals. But experts knowingly give advise to cook new dishes to use, reports Rus.Media.

Alexander Terentyev, a chemist: “the best, of course, fresh bought a pot to boil once or twice and then use”.

Non stick cookware and Teflon, and ceramic is fraught with another danger. Teflon coating, as a rule, longer retains its non-stick properties than ceramic — it breaks easily from temperature changes. At the beginning of the use of indicators there, and there is good, but a year later characteristics deteriorate, and in ceramics it is faster. Manufacturers recommend changing pans on average once every one or two years (depending on the type and intensity of use). Otherwise it may hurt your figure.

Threat can be and glassware — sometimes it explodes. According to experts, it is most often in the factory marriage, some incorrect tempering creates excessive tension in, or in the material remains of microscopic air bubble.

In the so-called “natural” ware the danger may be chipped. They are able to crawl, and the food will go undesirable particles. In addition, not all manufacturers of well control the composition of the clay, and it can be a source of heavy metals. In addition, the paint applied to the rims and patterns, often too much lead and cadmium. These metals accumulate in the body, which is especially dangerous for children.

Elegant crystal too state a claim. It is made by adding glass is lead oxide, which changes the refraction of light. If the wine or vinegar for a long time to leave the crystal, the liquid excreted lead. However, other liquids do not cause metal migration.

A separate investigation deserves aluminium. Its atoms fall in the water and the milk while boiling. Especially actively this process goes in an acidic medium, for example, when cooking the berries or apples, where many organic acids. They react with aluminum in the form of salts comes into our body. However, when connecting with the gastric juice again a reaction takes place that solves all problems.

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