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Loana has almost never being a mum. The star of reality tv show confides to France on Sunday as 19 years, she has been a denial of pregnancy, and pushing it to the abortion. Finally, it will change your mind…

Loana has gone through some very hard times. Now that everything is getting better, the star of the Loft can tell of the trials she had to overcome. She unveiled this week in France on Sunday the details of her pregnancy, a painful episode : “I was 19 years old at the time and I made a denial of pregnancy. I still had my rules, no belly, but the breast pain. So I went to see my gynecologist, who did an ultrasound and told me that I was pregnant 4 and a half months !.

In 1997, the young woman is still unknown to think of abortion : “As it was too late for an abortion in France, I went to Spain. I couldn’t see so there is no future for my baby and me.”During the ” last ultrasound “, Loana is taken of remorse : “I saw his little profile, his hands, his feet, his heart was beating… I was upset ! But I’m still gone in there.” It then changes his mind : “I thought about it for two hours at the airport and I took the plane back. Boosted by the hormones of pregnancy and the happiness to have found this little being growing inside me, I was happy.”

The reaction of the father was brutal : “You and what you have in the belly, I never want to see you !” him would it have launched. Distraught, Loana has, therefore, placed her baby in the nursery in the adjoining offer him the well-balanced life in which a child is in need. When she felt ready, the social services have blocked the road. “It took me justify a stable job, a home, eating time and commit myself to not entrust the girl to a nanny, etc., But explain to me how you do work for if you can’t keep your child ? And to make matters worse, I was dancing in a nightclub, so it was mission impossible !“, demonstrates in France on Sunday. It is the father of Mindy, because of her situation more stable, which has won custody of the child and has been such ” a wonderful father “.

If Loana had not been taken to doubt in the face of abortion, Mindy would never have seen the light of day. Fruit of a double life, the child has grown up without knowledge of this episode, far from his mother. She has learned that by reading the book of her mother She was called… crumb, released in 2001.

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