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Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017


The hostility of Rachida Dati to Brice Hortefeux is not a secret for anyone. In this regard, the former minister of Justice, has entrusted an anecdote is surprising : it would have struck his rival in the face, after a remark deemed insulting. New evidence to the fiery temperament of the mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris…

We knew that Rachida Dati was a woman of character, proud and determined. What is less known, is that she does not hesitate to come to blows when she feels insulted. Journalists Gerard Davet and Fabrice, the Man published this Thursday in The World a long portrait of the ex-keeper of the Seals, in which she confides with no filter.


It returns, among other things, on its enmity towards Brice Hortefeux, that the two journalists as his ” best enemy “. They recall that last year, a text message from Rachida Dati for the former minister of the Interior, and dating from 2013, had been revealed by Mediapart. She threatened to revelations that are embarrassing and called for the passage of the “ thug ” and ” dirty facho. The stage is set.


Tease, or humiliate Brice Hortefeux is a part, it seems, of the favorite sports of the former minister of Justice, yet it also sarkozyste convinced. “During the last presidential campaign, because it was necessary to reconcile, I was getting on the plane with him, but I saluted, saying ‘Hello guignol’ and then I said : ‘don’t You find that it smells like the nazi here ?’ The great facho was hiding behind his newspaper and the hostesses were dead of laughing !, she says to the World, hilarious.


But the anecdote the most surprising is without a doubt the last as it reveals. One day, in front of an elevator, I tell him : ‘Then the facho’s it going ?’ He replied : ‘it’s going to be intriguing.’ There, I turn around and put him a punch in the mouth, and he eats of the mirror ! After Sarkozy calls me : ‘What is this that you hast done ?’ I tell him : ‘I was insulted.’ And him : ‘Stop looking.’ “As defined by the two journalists, the mother of the small Zohra tells it all with a smile on his lips, as if she was proud of her last joke. This confirms that the former minister did, in fact, decidedly her head, no matter the pressure and what do the others think. Hence the title of the portrait : “Rachida Dati, the ungovernable.

Rachida Dati, Brice Hortefeux

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