The death of a billionaire in Toronto: another survey by the family ?

News 21 December, 2017
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    Honey Sherman and her husband Barry

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    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 23:22

    Wednesday, 20 December 2017 23:22

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    TORONTO – the family of The billionaire canadian Barry Sherman and his wife Honey, whose bodies were discovered last week in their home in Toronto, want an independent investigation of the police, according to the “Globe and Mail”.

    Nearly a week after the disappearance of the founder of the canadian pharmaceutical Apotex and his wife, questions are still unanswered and the mystery still hangs.

    On Wednesday, investigators continued working on the scene.

    Up here, the police consider death suspicious, although the investigation has been entrusted to the service of the killings.

    The Sherman were found near their indoor pool, without life. No trace of break-in was noticed on the premises. This is the real estate broker who obtained the mandate to sell the house of the couple who made the grisly discovery Friday morning in the area exclusive of North York, is being presented to their residence because it could not contact otherwise.

    A few hours after the discovery of the body, the hypothesis of a murder followed by a suicide had been raised by a number of media, but the family had quickly launched a call for caution, urging the media to refrain from reporting until the investigation is completed.

    The family had also asked the Toronto police to conduct “a criminal investigation is in-depth, intensive and objective”. She would like to now a other investigation to have its own answers. On Wednesday, the family did not want to answer the questions of the “Globe”.

    The funeral of the couple will be held on Thursday and the prime minister Justin Trudeau will be attending there like the premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne and Toronto mayor John Tory.