The death of a billionaire in Toronto: the hypothesis of a murder followed by a suicide preferred

News 16 December, 2017
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    Saturday, 16 December 2017 14:02

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    TORONTO | The death of the billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey, whose bodies were discovered Friday in their home in Toronto, are treated as suspect and could be explained by a murder followed by a suicide.

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    The Toronto police is working on the assumption that Mr. Sherman, age 75, would have shot and killed his wife of 70 years, before turning the gun on himself, reported Saturday the Globe and Mail, citing a police source who requested anonymity.

    This is the real estate broker who was recently awarded the mandate to sell their home cosy, the neighbourhood of North York, which has made the macabre discovery.

    The homicide squad of the Toronto police service was dispatched to the scene of the tragedy, but his spokesperson has refused to confirm to the Globe theory of the murder followed by a suicide.

    We know, however, that there would be no sign of a break-in at the entrance to the residence of Sherman, who had four children. No note has been found.