The death of a child disrupts a school in Lac-Saint-Charles

News 20 December, 2017
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    Jean-François Racine

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 23:01

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 23:12

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    The death of a child of ten years has upset the students and staff at a primary school in Lac-Saint-Charles since Monday evening.

    The announcement of the death of the young boy also carries the excitement among the parents of the sector. The secretariat of the primary school of the Gateway responded by sending a note to the parents of 5th year.

    “Today, there has been a crisis management situation that we want to share. This action plan is put in place following the death of a student of 5th year which was held yesterday evening (Monday). Your children will remain at school in their respective class in the company of a special education technician “, one can read in the message.

    “Tragic circumstances “

    An official press release has also been sent to parents Tuesday. “We regret to announce the death of a student of our school in the most tragic circumstances. “The director-Nathalie Hebert also specifies the type of support that will be offered in the next few days. It also adds a reference link to the organization’s Mourning youth in order to accompany the children according to their needs.

    Neither the police of Quebec, nor the Commission scolaire des Premieres-Seigneuries had a spokesperson available in the evening Tuesday. The ambulance services have refused to comment, merely to say that a child of this sector had been transported Monday evening. A coroner’s inquest should be held in this folder.

    The Journal has joined the president of the school Board of the First-Seigneuries, Rene Dion, who remained very cautious. “I don’t know much. I learned to 2 h in the afternoon. The police are surely on this matter. A letter was written to reassure the parents, ” said Mr. Dion.

    A commissioner of the institution in question has repeated that he should stick to the content of the message sent to parents.

    Under investigation

    One of the hypotheses raised on the social networks suggests a voluntary gesture to explain the drama.

    Two parents contacted by The Newspaper indicated that explanations of this effect have been given to the children of classes 3rd to the 6th year. The exact cause is, however, subject to an investigation.

    “At school, they announced the death, and they talked of suicide. My boy was walking with this little boy (on the way to school). This is not his friend, but an acquaintance. It is a delicate matter. We just finished a discussion and he cries. He realises that he will not be seen ever, ” said a mother of two children who did not want to be identified.