The death of a man in a centre of the trampoline

News 25 January, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Wednesday, 24 January, 2018 23:55

    Wednesday, 24 January, 2018 23:55

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    RICHMOND, b.c. – the father of A family of 46-year-old has lost his life in the end of last week as he had been playing in a centre of the trampoline of Richmond, British Columbia, reported the “Vancouver Sun” on Wednesday.

    Jay Grenwood, who accompanied his two young girls at the centre, Extreme Air Park, died on Saturday while he was performing acrobatic maneuvers on the trampoline. It would have made a fall that caused him serious injuries, leading to a cardiac arrest, explained to the royal Canadian mounted police daily.

    The centres trampolines have gained in popularity in recent years, but can be dangerous. The centre of Richmond made the same sign of the shocks to its customers, stating that they waive the right to pursue Extreme Air Park in the event of injury or death.

    In Quebec, the ministry of Health and social Services had noted that, from November 2013 to October 2015, 106 serious accidents requiring transport to the hospital had occurred in the centres of trampoline. The case of 177 children injured in these centres, usually for a sprain or a fracture, had been documented during this period of time.

    The department had estimated that the injury rate in these centers was similar to the practice of alpine skiing.