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Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


The friends of Ludovic Chancel, the son of Sheila, speak slowly, and refuse to believe that he ended his days. One of them has just taken the floor to explain that the 42-year-old was frightened by the death, and wanted to live at any price.

A new testimony contradicts the theory of suicide, and plunges the drama a little further in the fog. Since the tragic death of Ludovic Chancel, the son of the singer Sheila on 7 July last, the doubt and the rumors multiply. If it was first whispered that it was a suicide, relatives are beginning to speak out, and swear that the 42-year-old may not have ended his days.


This Thursday 13 July, Paris Match publishes about one of the friends of the deceased. According to the latter, Ludovic Chancel did not want to die. This perspective had a tendency to scare people more than anything else. It was a very intelligent boy but was completely helpless, says this friend. I do not think that he committed suicide as the peddles of the rumor. Ludovic had a panic fear of dying.


Prior to this, another close had testified in the columns of Closer. Sabrine Fraty, radio host and friend of Ludovic Chancel, had explained : “there is still one week, it was in the evening and it went very well. This is not a suicide. It is an accident. Ludovic had a lot of projects (…) It was definitely not in a suicidal tendency. “


In a press release published on the social networks, Sheila also made reference to the rumors that ran about the cause of the death of his boy : What is said on the web or elsewhere hurts me deeply. Why judge ? Ludovic has the right to respect and dignity. Me and him know. Suicide or accident, the family will not release can never be what actually happened. For them, nothing changes the pain of the ordeal they have to go through.

Ludovic Chancel

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