The déneigeurs say no to latecomers

News 14 January, 2018
    Saturday, Montreal bustled to release their self grip in the snow.

    Catherine Montambeault

    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 21:40

    Saturday, 13 January, 2018 21:40

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    The déneigeurs private were so overwhelmed on Saturday by the storm that hit Montreal that many have had to refuse last-minute requests.

    “Since Friday evening, there are plenty of people who call us because they just wake up and they realize there’s a storm outside. But it is too late ! ” lance Jonathan Major, owner of Snow removal Staff and son.

    Mr. Major said he received about 50 calls from potential customers Saturday. But the day was so busy that he could not accept any of them.

    “It is as for the winter tires : people expect to be wrong before acting, shows-t-it. It seems that they forget that it snows all the years ! “

    “We prioritize the customers who are to their case and which we have called in the month of October,” he continues. I do not take any new call as those who are already my clients are not 100% satisfied. “

    Invisible barriers

    Stéphane Aubin, owner of Déneigeurs Metropolitan, says it also having been solicited by many potential customers Saturday.

    He explains, however, does not accept new contracts in the middle of a storm because of obstacles on the land of the people can be buried under the snow.

    “When one has the time to do the tour of the ground, in the fall, we take note of the various barriers that there are, such as poles or walls, says he. But if we get a day like today, it’s risky. We don’t want to take the chance of breaking the wall of someone or our machinery. “

    On the other hand, the administration of mayor Valerie Plant has confirmed Saturday that the loading operation of the snow will begin this evening around 19 h.