The diet soda is not better for the health

News 17 July, 2017
  • Antoine Lacroix

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:46

    Monday, 17 July 2017 22:46

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    A soft drink a diet would not be better for the health than a regular drink, and could even lead to health problems in the long term, according to a study from the University of Manitoba unveiled on Monday.

    Teams of researchers have found that artificial sweeteners, found in diet soda, may be related to the risk “relatively more high” of being overweight, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

    They make that determination after reviewing 37 previous studies involving 400 000 people.

    More research

    The lead author of the study believes, however, that one should deepen the matter further.

    “Because of the widespread use of sweeteners and their progression, as well as the epidemic of obesity and related diseases, more research is needed to determine the long-term risks and benefits of these products,” stressed in a statement that the professor Meghan Azad.

    A nutritionist in quebec is of the same opinion, she would like to understand the actual effects on humans of various unnatural sugars, such as aspartame, sucralose and stevia.

    “It will be necessary to go further, such as to determine which of the sweeteners are the most harmful. The study is not sufficient to say that he must totally change our habits. We do not conclude that it is not a true poison, except that it brings doubts, and it is necessary to find answers, ” says Annie Ferland.

    Not beneficial

    According to this, the products contain unnatural sugars are ” highly modified “, and should be avoided by those who want to adopt a healthy diet.

    “What we realize is that it doesn’t really of beneficial effects for the people. […] It can be consumed occasionally, but no more. But honestly, take something that is diet, it is like trading four 30 cents for a dollar. This is not really a better food choice, ” says Ms. Ferland.

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    Annie Ferland

    Good conscience

    It is believed that some give themselves a good conscience by consuming the products of ” diets “, what drives them to eat more.

    “For a healthy diet, simply remove the artificial sweeteners is not the solution. It is necessary to look at the diet overall and make the right choices, such as prioritizing fruits, vegetables, and products which do not have a lot of ingredients, ” says the nutritionist.

    The study indicates that the metabolism and the intestinal flora could also be affected by these sweet products that do not contain calories.

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