The distribution of gifts by father Christmas followed by direct

News 24 December, 2017
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    The father Christmas started on Sunday by the Asia and Oceania world tour ” to distribute gifts, shows the internet site of the military Command responsible for the air security of the United States and Canada (NORAD), which tracks its moves each year.

    Advantage of its base in the North Pole, the sled of the man in red was flying over Japan at 9: 03 after having quickly climbed up the Australia. In a few hours, pulled by nine reindeer visible in 3D on the site, father Christmas has already distributed a billion gifts, according to the counter NORAD.

    The aerospace defense Command of North America was established in 1955 as a telephone line open to the children. Then he created years later this site to track, in eight languages, the real-time location of the most famous white beard.

    Volunteers meet each year to the phone calls of the children. And a Twitter account, @NoradSanta, also provides information on the slightest details and gestures of the father Christmas.

    This tracking father Christmas has become such an institution in the United States that president Donald Trump and his wife Melania, on vacation in Florida, were expected to participate in a few telephone calls in the afternoon.

    The origin of this operation, NORAD, whose mission is also more serious, goes back six decades, when the department store chain Sears had placed an ad in a local newspaper of Colorado, proposing to call directly on the father Christmas at the number indicated in the claims.

    But, due to a printing error, the number listed was, in fact, one of the red phone to NORAD.

    First taken aback when he found himself in line with a young boy asking him if he was “Santa Claus”, the officer on duty that day, colonel Harry Soup, took in the game.

    He gave instruction to his men to give information on the location of father Christmas and even called him on a local radio to announce to have seen a strange object in the sky.