The division of s-400 will control the border with Ukraine In the World : Vladim

News 10 January, 2018

The division’s new type-400, which includes multiple anti-aircraft missile launchers, will control the border with Ukraine, simultaneously controlling the airspace over the Armenian as well as over the Chongar.


The first division of s-400 has already been deployed last spring in the vicinity of Feodosia, and the second battalion anti-aircraft missiles will be used on the border with the Ukrainian government already on January 12. The main objective of the division, which will control the airspace on the border with Ukraine, is the detection and destruction of all potential threats, which are directed towards the Crimean Peninsula. Experts said that the danger to the Crimea may lurk in the testing of cruise missiles held in Ukraine.

The possibility of division of s-400 is included firing on the enemy immediately set to 72 missiles simultaneously, which can be induced by 36 goals. Rockets fired SAMS composed of s-400, have a large and a medium range.