The DNR reported 17 dead in towns captured by the APU under Gorlovka

News 6 December, 2017

Deputy commander of DPR Eduard Basurin reported 17 victims of the Ukrainian soldiers in the towns captured by the APU under Gorlovka. Another 11 people, defending the interests of the Kiev authorities, were injured.


November 22, APU captured towns Gladosovo and Travneve, located in neutral territory. In DND called the position of the Ukrainian security forces is disadvantageous. During this period in between the shootings killed 17 soldiers APU. According to Basurin, DNR troops are not even trying to interfere in the internal conflict of the Ukrainian soldiers. Captured Ukrainian soldiers towns prohibit the use of mobile phones. People take away the phones and not allowed to communicate with relatives. According to the statement Basurin, Gladosovo heard guns in the direction of Travneve.

APU captured the towns of Gorlovka of appointed chiefs among the local population. Their duties include informing command about anti-Ukrainian sentiments among the people. Residents recall the days of the second world war, as likewise did the Nazis.