The dog returned to owners after 10 years after escaping from home In the World : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

In the United States in Pennsylvania, the dog ran to the porch of people living close to her former master. Labrador disappeared ten years ago, the dog was trying to find, but the search has not brought positive result. Information about this report the American media.


The owner of the house, to which came the dog, tracked down her former owners via microchip. Labrador named Abby, it is in good condition. According to people, a dog someone sheltered. The owner of the dog is surprised that his pet remembers and executes the commands that he had taught him ten years ago. The dog’s owner, was deeply moved when he saw Abby alive and in good health. According to the man, returned to him part of the childhood of his sons.

A citizen who has found again the Labrador, is on the emotional lift. According to him, it feels like the family is back relative. The man already didn’t like Abby, but fate decreed otherwise.