The drinks Four Loko back in full force in 2018

News 7 December, 2017
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    Thursday, 7 December 2017 09:33

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    The company that sells the alcoholic beverage Four Loko has the intention to make the product very popular among young people is on the shelf, and this as early as February 2018.

    The beverages marketed by Blue Spike are the subject of a recall because they contain ethyl alcohol rather than the alcohol produced from the fermentation of the malt.

    The new recall has been announced by the bottler Solar Wednesday, which was a part of the production of Four Loko, but also other brands, including Baron, Mojo, Octane and the fruit drinks Seagram.

    In a press release issued Wednesday at the end of the day, Blue Spike has to know that the alcoholic beverages had not been produced according to our specifications or the regulations in force in Québec.”

    “Blue Spike has stopped the marketing of such products, and we are working with the RACJ to determine the next steps. Blue Spike takes this situation very seriously,” said the company in its press release.

    In addition, Blue Spiki emphasizes that an agreement with a new bottler “international reputation, and has many accreditations” has already been concluded.

    The production and bottling of the products Blue Spike, whose Four Loko, will begin therefore as early as February 2018.

    The product will be available again at this time.

    “Despite the temporary impact on our sales, this new agreement assures us that such a situation does not happen again, and that our customers can continue to enjoy our products in a few weeks,” concludes Blue Spike.

    The Four Loko is a fruity drink with a 11.9 % alcohol in the heart of a controversy since many of the hospitalized cases were listed, including the Saguenay, where three students came to the emergency at the beginning of September.

    In the United States, the product is nicknamed “blackout in a can” (loss of consciousness in the bobbin).