The eagle is a pensioner died because of the comments about Smoking in the stairwell

News 18 December, 2017

Because of the comments on Smoking in the city of Orel died a pensioner. The man pushed, and he fell down the stairs at home and suffered injuries incompatible with life.


At the moment the business connected with his death, considering the Factory regional court of the eagle. The materials of the investigation indicated that the pensioner pushed the man Smoking at the entrance of her friend’s house. The pensioner was raised along with his friend up the stairs, seeing the Smoking of a young man, he decided to make a remark to him, but he pushed him.

As the pensioner was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, was no match for the coordination, slipped down the stairs and received serious injuries that later turned fatal. At the hospital, the victim spent approximately four months and as a result has passed away.

The defendant does not admit his guilt and claims that an elderly resident eagle he attacked him and tried to beat a cane. Examination and the testimony of witnesses, however, suggest otherwise.