The earth is in danger of become as hot as Venus is 400 degrees in the shade

Techno 28 January, 2018

2018-01-28 19:39

The earth is in danger of become as hot as Venus is 400 degrees in the shade
This may result in the accumulation of greenhouse gases in atmospheres

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This is the opinion of eminent British physicist Stephen Gong. This may result in the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, said a scientist in one of the episodes of his video project “Favorite places”. What is in danger of becoming our Earth?

— The climate on Venus, without exaggeration, hell, – said the head of the Department for physics of Solar system bodies the Main astronomical Observatory of NASU, – the Temperature on the surface — over 400 plus degrees Celsius (which is higher than the melting point of lead, tin and zinc).

The atmosphere of Venus — a mixture of carbon dioxide with admixtures of nitrogen, it was through her surface so very hot. Dense clouds of sulfuric acid periodically illuminated by lightning… Such a distant planet recorded the first spacecraft successfully flew to her, — “Venus-2”.

— Is it always Venus was such a hellish? And if not, what changed the climate?

— Hypotheses are confirmed by research that in the early stage of development of the Venus climate there was milder, ‘ said Mikhail Ryabov, PhD in physico-mathematical Sciences, specialist in astrobiology. — There was not even water. To such conclusion scientists have come, having analysed pictures that made them European Venus Express, which has become an artificial satellite of Venus since 2005.

When our star and planets around it were young, the sunlight intensity is reached approximately 70% of the current. It increased by 1 percent every 110 million years. Then how on Earth was too cold on Venus, the temperature was moderate. When the Sun began to radiate more heat on Venus formed a greenhouse effect.

Scientists estimate that the luminosity of the Sun over the last 4 billion years increased by 30%, this led to the evaporation of water from the surface of Venus and accumulation in the atmosphere of the planet. Water vapor has led to more heat

planets. And then Venus lost rich water to the atmosphere through the strong influence of the solar wind. The water disappeared from the surface, and, consequently, disappeared the conditions for the existence of life.

— Is there a way to stop the processes in which our world could turn into Venus?

– Every hundred years the temperature on Earth increases by one degree. It is projected that by the end of the century this figure could increase by 1.5-2 degrees. One reason for this is human activities: emissions from cars, emissions from the combustion of oil, gas and coal. The combination of large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane creates a greenhouse effect that leads to a permanent increase in global average temperature.

This process was not at least as quickly, by the end of the century humanity must move away from fossil fuels and switch to renewable sources of energy — solar, wind. Otherwise our planet

do may repeat the fate of Venus.