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2017-09-14 20:19

The earth is waiting for the new Apocalypse. Nibiru will destroy our planet on September 23?
Planet X, otherwise known as Nibiru, according to some scholars, is on the very edge of the Solar system just beyond the orbit of Neptune, and while it we can not see.

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According to the Daily Express, the conspiracy theorists announced the upcoming sweptline that soon will provoke Nibiru, reports Rus.Media.

Planet X, otherwise known as Nibiru, according to some scholars, is on the very edge of the Solar system just beyond the orbit of Neptune, and while it we can not see. But on September 23 it is expected that it will be very close to the Ground and make a real Apocalypse. During the terrible events will be destroyed most of humanity, leaving only those belonging to the so-called “elite”.

Theorists have carefully studied the astronomical signs and conducted an analysis of the biblical texts. The conclusion made by them is very disappointing: the end of the world should come in 2017. Christian researcher Bob Ministry of foreign Affairs announced that, after analyzing Revelation 12:1, the transcript of which reads as follows: “At this time “under the feet” of the constellation Virgo appears in the Month, the constellation is “dressed” in the Sun, and the planet’s intersect in Virgo “feet”.

September 23 – the day when the sixth seal is broken, it should be a global earthquake. About it, according to the foreign Ministry, mentioned in revelation 12:6: “the great earthquake, the Sun black and the Moon red.”

It is worth noting that scientists regularly provide some disasters that should happen because of the planet Nibiru. For example, on 14 February 2013, they already did that forecast of a major disaster, when the Earth’s poles had to go and change the slope. At this time the entire planet predicted a powerful tsunami and a strong earthquake. But for the period from 1 July 2014 in relation to “behavior” Nibiru was this rather optimistic forecast: she’s leaving our galaxy and will no longer threaten the Earth. Many astronomers are of the opinion that NASA knows about Nibiru, but all the information is carefully hidden to avoid panic among the population.

Tragic predictions for 2013 were made not only by Amateur astronomers, but also sources from NASA, the CIA and military intelligence. According to them, when you change the poles due to the passage of Nibiru, had killed 2/3 of the population. Most of the survivors were expecting the hunger and death in the next six months. Theorists claimed that the U.S. government and the Vatican know fully, but they are not going to warn the humanity, which chance at least to get ready for it just should not be.

It is noteworthy that Nibiru was discovered in late 2010, using observations in the infrared range with a telescope WISE. Space exploration conducted by the American astrophysicists John Mathis and Daniel Witmer. They suggested that beyond the orbit of Pluto is hiding a massive object, even more than Jupiter, in 1999. But until 2010, the evidence of this assumption was obtained.

Standard optical telescopes are unable to capture Nibiru, first, the distance to it, and secondly, because of its low temperature. But prekrasny range allows you to see the mysterious planet, which suggests the presence of nuclear processes under its surface, through which heat is generated.

Nibiru as Jupiter is a gas giant, but larger than its weight 500 times. The location of Planet X, according to scientists – the Oort cloud, composed of gas, ice blocks, and fossilized minerals, which astronomers call garbage. In the Oort cloud are born all comets in the Solar system that once had the correct (circular) orbit, but for unknown until the reasons, torn from their trajectories and shifted to the Sun. It was later revealed that this “failure” occurred due to the gravitational force of Planet X, swims in its orbit, and exciting is on her way celestial body. In accordance with the laws of mechanics, space objects at a considerable speed, then emitted a mysterious planet to the Sun.

Some scientists claim that Nibiru has a very elongated elliptical orbit, and through the Solar system, it passes every 3600 years. It is not excluded that planet X is a brown dwarf. It revolves around the dark star called a Brown dwarf. In total around the stars rotate five planets and a small one, the size is equal to the Earth, which is called homeland. The seventh planet is precisely Nibiru. There was also the theory that planet X is not habitable and is a battle station or even a space ship.

Nibiru accuse in the appearance of surface cracks and craters on the moon and planets of our galaxy, but also change their orbits and tilt axis. It is believed that the reason Atlantis disappeared, and then began flooding.

How should trust scientists and what is the likelihood that they will come true, everyone decides for himself. For example, observations of Nibiru let some of the astrologers-fans to predict “the next” end of the world and in August of the current year. It was argued that after the solar Eclipse on 21 August, the Earth will be in darkness. Fortunately, nothing of the sort, as you can see, has not happened. We will see, how other predictions come true.

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